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Receives on 434.825( your transmit) and Transmits  on 433.225. (your receive) sub tone of 82.5 Hz
FM / Digital repeater connected to WIRES X, operates in AMS mode, output power is 20 Watts to a folded dipole at 40 feet.


 is now a dual-mode repeater on DMR and D-Star, using PI-star

lTransmits on 439.575 and receives on 430.575Digital repeater connected to BrandMeistar network, output power is 15 watts to a folded dipole at 40 feet.                

The Huddersfield repeater group run two repeaters in the 70 cms UHF Amateur band, GB3HD & GB7HX both are located at Scapegoat Hill, Internet connectivity is on both repeaters giving a world wide communication link.

WIRES X is now available 24/7

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