WIRES - X is an Internet V.O.I.P system run by Yaesu, for interconnecting nodes and repeaters, It is now possible to work worldwide.

It is an easy system to use all you need is a Yaesu radio like the FT1D, FT2D, FTM 400DE, or the FT 100D, there is no need to register for an ID.
Every node, gateway and repeater as a room on the system. You can connect into the room very easily via the radio, just by pressing the DX button on the radio,  some node owners have set up rooms for different purposes, like the all America link and the UK net HUB this is where you will find most of the repeaters and nodes in the UK. The radio will beep if you have a connection on WIRES-X, how you list the rooms varies from radio to radio, please check your manual for the radio

    You can down load the manual at the following links

    FT1D HERE         FT2D HERE              FTM100D HERE                               FTM400D HERE                       FT991 HERE


WIRES X is now available 24/7, the only exception to this is on a Wednesday night when the Halifax Amateur radio club have their net, the Internet connection is removed from 18:00  to 20:00

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