About GB3HD

GB3HD is a system Fusion repeater and operates in AMS it is both a digital / analogue repeater, receives on 434.825 MHz (your TX) and Transmits on 433.225 MHz (your receive) With a sub-audible tone of 82.5 Hz for FM. It is also connected to the WIRES - X system run by Yaesu (click for more info)

History of the Group

The Huddersfield Repeater Group was started back in the 80’s by a group of amateurs from the Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society, with the intention of giving the amateurs of Huddersfield a repeater system to cover Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. The first repeater was GB3HD. After the sudden loss of John G0PRF in 2014 the repeater is now run by two trustees Kevin G1FYS and Malcolm G0ISX. The running costs mostly come out of the pockets of the trustees, supplemented  by generous donations from the local amateurs.

Over the years GB3HD has had different  homes to try and improve the coverage, the first home was in the house of the late George Grayson (G3YWI) in Almondbury, it then moved to Crosland Hill at the former site of Goodall's caravans. In 1997 a site at Scapegoat Hill was obtained and new 4 stack antenna was installed on the 100 FT mast. The repeater was up and running with a much-improved coverage of the local area, it remained on air up to the GB7HX digital repeater going live in 2011, much to the disappointment of the local amateurs, GB3HD had to be taken off for the new digital repeater to go live.

GB3HD came back on the air in 2014, with a new folded dipole antenna and feeder cable. This has improved the coverage in the Halifax area to the delight of the local amateurs. And now into the 21st century with system Fusion from Yaesu.

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