These are the basic talkgroups available on GB7HX.


there are over 1400 talk groups on BM. This is just some of them.

Talk group 235140 Slot 1 Chat (Static)  is our talk group. 

Talk group 9990 S1 Parrot “Echo Test” Good place to test your signal into the repeater as it will relay back to you what you have said.

All slot 2 talk groups are user access (DYNAMIC) these will reset after 15 minutes of inactivity. Slot 1 will revert to TG 235140 Chat as the Static talk group.

Some basic Slot 2 Tal kgroups.

 Talk group 4000 Disconnect to save 15 minutes wait and will reset the repeater manually.

 Talk group 235475 Black Isle NOS Chat.

 Talk group 235444 Edinburgh Chat .

 Talk group 2355 which is reflector 4405 connected to a number or repeaters in Scotland.

 Talk group 23526 Hubnet

 Talk group 2350 reflector 4400 UK

 Talk group 2354 reflector 4404 Ireland

 Talk group 2357 reflector 4407 Wales

 Talk group 310 mainly American stations very busy something to listen to or join in.

 Talk group 91 Worldwide

 Talk group 92 Europe

 Talk group 93 USA

 Talk group 95 Australia New Zealand

These are the basic talk groups available on GB7HX.

 MMDVM and OpenSpot availability


Above all use sensibly and leave gaps between overs allowing others to join QSO.

 link to BM talk groups


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